Mesh Curvature Analysis for Rhino Grasshopper

Python Component developed by Mirco Becker

This was initially developed to for mesh analysis on 3d scan data. The algorithm works locally on mesh vertices by calculating the angle of edges against the vertex normal.

It is a stripped down implementation of this method by Szymon Rusinkiewicz.

Min Radius, Mean Curvature, Gausian Curvature

Min Radius, Mean Curvature, Gausian Curvature


meshCurvature version 0.31 (updated 17.12.2013) there was a bug: name ‘spline’ is not defined – fixed

developed in Grasshopper 0.9.0061



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  2. nick belomatis

    Runtime error
    name ‘spline’ is not defined

    • admin

      thanks for pointing that out. it is fixed now in 0.31. hope it all works for you now

  3. nick belomatis

    Now works fine. Thank you for this component.

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  5. Yuan

    I can’t find the component anywhere, could you please tell me how to download it? THX a lot!

    • admin

      There is a download button on the page under the image. Got it?

  6. Claire

    Hi, I try to apply this to analyze my mesh, but the python script has an error . it says ‘curvInv’ is not defined. Do you what should I do to correct this error? THX!

    • Claire

      Never mind. It works now. ;)

      • admin

        Great. Did you edit something?

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