We offer a spectrum of services as well as consultancy in the area of digital design and fabrication. Our aim is to help develop well informed, high quality and beautiful products which embody a multitude of constraints and desires. We believe that the workflow of design and fabrication needs as much attention as the product itself. Please contact us if you want to elevate your digital workflow for your product or building design. Here is an overview of different service on offer:

Geometry and Design Computation

This is our core competency. To describe design and form geometrically so it can be processed computationally. This starts with precise 3D CAD modelling but mainly concerns algorithmic – rule based – description of form. Once described in such a fashion the design can be processed and evaluated using off the shelf or custom programms and script-routines. Be it the the form and structure of a complex building envelope, facade elements which have to adapt to a series of situations or a customisabel consumer product, they could involve design computation.

  • Abu Dhabi Airport- Kohn Pedersen Fox Architects

BIM Services

We understand Building Information Modelling (BIM) as a process where communication, coordination and documentation is done around a digital 3D model. This process helps to consolidate graphic, and non graphic information consistently in one place. Our core strength is on project training including: BIM consultancy, BIM management, BIM auditing, creation of BIM products (Autodesk Revit® Families).

  • Abu Dhabi Airport – Kohn Pedersen Fox Architects
  • Nanjing Youth Olympic Centre – ZHA
  • Olaya Station – Gerber Architekten

3D Scanning

Original at Liebieghaus, computer graphic based on 3D scan, 1:10 replica - SLS 3D print

Original at Liebieghaus, computer graphic based on 3D scan, 1:10 replica – SLS 3D print

We provide 3D scanning services for objects between the size of a 2m x 2m x 2m and 0.1m x  0.1m  x 0.1m using a handheld scanner that allows for high mobility and precise capturing of complex parts. Services also include post processing for 3D printing or BIM applications and integration in other processes and tools such as web apps or product libraries.

For larger 3D scans of entire builds we collaborate with Plan 3D

  • Digital Bodies – SAC
  • Ariadne – Private client

3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing Content Creation

Wax print - metal cast, mechanical parts, color print

Wax print – metal cast, mechanical parts, color print

We help you to make your ideas and design 3D print ready and connect your design, prototyping and fabrication workflow with all the advantages 3D printing has to offer.

  • Ariadne – Private client 
  • Digital Bodies – SAC
  • Terra I – Salon Bordel

Optimisation and Fabrication Planning

We help to close the gap between design and production by defining routines that automate the generation of production data directly from an design intent. We always look out for opportunities to optimize for quality, time, cost and material. This service includes classic value engineering. This applies for unitised facades, dropped ceilings and anything non-standard that needs bespoke tooling per element.

Parametric Product Development

Whether you develop a customisable product or you need a template for a product that can change with every instance in production we have the experience and tools to support you. We cast the rules for variable products into an interface for designers to explore options while extracting performance metrics or expose these variables to the customer for bespoke configuration

  • polyNODE – informance

Data Visualisation

Drain analysis, panel variation, material bending

Drain analysis, panel variation, material bending

We can visualise datasets directly in your digital 3D model or in a bespoke 2D formant. With information rich data-sets it is critical to filter out the critical aspects and visualize these in a compelling fashion so decisions can be made on a good foundation.

Programming and Plug-In Development

Innovation often requires to challenge design and production technology. We have the experience and skill to develop custom scripts and plug-ins that are project specific or suited to your custom design standards. Expertise covers development in vb, VBA, C#, Python, Java, Three.JS, Processing, Arduino

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