DRX 2013

The Design Research Exchange (DRX) is a non-profit residency program for young researchers hosted by HENN. As an open platform for knowledge exchange, the DRX unites experts from various fields to promote multidisciplinary discussion between academics and professionals.

The DRX 2013 is taking place from July 22nd – September 13th at HENN in Berlin. This year, DRX researchers with backgrounds in architecture, engineering, mathematics and computer science explore novel design strategies for the design of high-rise buildings: Vertical Net Structures

Three experts are invited to nominate 2 researches each to form the core team for cross collaboration between practice and academia. SAC Guest Professor Mirco Becker who is one of the DRX 2013 experts nominated recent APD graduates Kavin Horayangkura and Sean Buttigieg to participate. They are working along two architects form HENN, two mathematicians form TU Berlin and two structural engineers on high-rise buildings as an extreme examples of structure-dependent architecture.

Week 1-2, in a first workshop Clemens Preisinger and Moritz Heimrath the developers behind Kramba joint for a couple of days. The second workshop was conducted by Daniel Piker the developer of Grasshopper and member of Foster & Partners SMG

Things shaping up for the mid review

Final presentation of the results and interviews with the researchers

All videos by Dog Ear Works

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