Wolfsburg 0.1

The first phase of the competition for the Bildungshaus Wolfsburg emphasized on the urban design aspects of the proposed educational building. A crystal like non-form defines the main character of the design. Clear cuts to the crust reveal the inside as well as highlighting main urban links.

The tessellated facade is a timber construction over concrete core and slabs. A similar articulation continues in the landscape as hard concrete features covering parts of an underground car-park.

The Bildungshaus includes a school, a public library and a communal media centre. The ground floor blends the urban surrounding and landscape in a continuos lobby where all functions originate. Spatial clues lead the visitor to their destinations.


Crystal non-form and cut faces


Roof and facade articulation – tessellated cladding


3D print – scale model 1:500


Ground floor plan

Competition: Bildungshaus Wolfsburg, October 2013, first phase
Design: Mirco Becker / Iva Baljkas
Landscape Architect: LOMA

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