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The Future Of The Informed Body

NODE Festival the biennial forum for digital arts is taking place April 27. to May 2. in Frankfurt.

NODE15 is dedicated to the negotiation of the human body throughout current technological developments and how this is being expressed in our present projects; utopias; and fictions. We will reflect on processes of embodiment; the integral role of the body in perception and interaction; as location of implicit knowledge; and as a tool we constantly try to extend and optimize.

The Architecture and Performative Design specialization has been invite to show Digital Bodies at Naxoshalle.

3D printed sculptures - photograph by Ragunath Vragunath

3D printed sculptures – photograph by Ragunath Vragunath

On Thursday April Mirco Becker has the honor chairing the conference session on Virtual Realities & the Future of Interaction Design as part of the one day symposium featuring three artists, designers and researches:

Mark Farid

For 24 hours a day for 28 days, Mark Farid is planning to wear a VR Headset through which he will experience life through another person’s eyes and ears.  Over the course of the project, it will become apparent whether Mark will begin to lose his own sense of self, and start to inhabit the reality of the other person. www.meta-narrative.co.uk

Pedro Lopes

He is working at Prof. Patrick Baudisch’s Human Computer Interaction lab at HPI in Potsdam, and published various papers about kickable computing. Currently he is working on a system to read & write directly to the user’s body using electrical muscle stimulation. pedro-lopes-music

Mark Lukas

After coauthoring the seminal book “Prototying Interfaces”,Mark Lukas explores various olfactorics solutions and the possibilities and problems of designing interactions with scents. He currently is working on a starter kit allowing interaction designers controlling scents using Arduino and vvvv. hpi human-computer-interaction

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